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Probably the most advanced fingerboard on the market and certainly the most tactile. The Baseline hangboard from roots-climbing has been very carefully considered and prototyped many times to ensure all hold sizes and shapes are perfectly suited to deep strength training. Only the Baseline fingerboard has curved slopers designed to separate and focus load into the specific muscle groups used in sloper pulling, this allows you to train at a much deeper level than ever before. Our fingerboard has a full range of edge sizes and being CNC machined from European Beech, is a lot smoother than other boards, this creates a much higher level of contact strength.
The strength gains are realistic and easily achievable with the Baseline fingerboard and the free to use training plans. We recently published a strength and conditioning manual, this book works alongside the Baseline hangboard (as well as other brands) and offers straight forward advice and training plans. It also includes the Roots Edge Progression training protocol.

The Quarry Life, Forest of Dean Bouldering guide available as a pdf Download. This download is sized for i-phone/android use, perfect for outside. No need to be online, just save the file to your phone for easy use.
Please note : Any copying and or sharing consitutes a copyright infringement. 

Sold out

Future Chalk Bucket

Sold out

Future Chalk Bucket


I am no ordinary bag.
I am the future.
My fleece lining is made from recycle bottles.
My tough exterior is made from recycled nylon.
My waterproof coating was grown on a farm and turned into bio-polymer.
I’m not ordinary.
I am the Future Chalk Bucket from Roots Climbing and I am the first.

Coming summer 2021.

Finger Strength Training Book.
The Baseline hangboard was designed in conjunction with a specialised training protocol, known as Edge Progressions, you can read about this and utilise it within your strength training plan. This detailed guide works seamlessly with the Baseline fingerboard and most other quality hangboards. The method involves hangboard training and bouldering to achieve a rise in standard.
Baseline - a method for finger strength training & conditioning for bouldering & climbing :  available HERE.

NOTE: The print copy has all gone. This is a phone sized PDF.
During the last year or two, 2020/21, several new areas in the Forest of Dean were discovered and many fine sandstone boulder problems were openned. Weather and Covid has hindered the final projects and clean ups but the new bouldering guide book is now available. If you enjoyed Quarry Life then you will love the next book in the series, Forest Blocks. We lift the lid on one of the most beautiful spots and maybe the last great problem of the Forest. 
Available Now. This book has the BEST bouldering that the FoD has to offer and is a mini guide, having within it, just the new sectors recently devloped.
This is a limited print run.

Coming soon is a range of bouldering trousers, chalk buckets and shorts, all made from organic cotton and recycled bottles.
Our elite pattern cutter and design team have been working very hard recently to bring you some fresh products.

First, see our organic and premium cotton tees
and sweaters from Europe which are available here.

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We work with two 3rd Party apparel providers, both are time and product tested.

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