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Roots-Climbing is a British bouldering brand dedicated to designing and making high quality product that is Planet Friendly and lasts a lifetime. Make it once and make it properly, is our motto. Bouldering and training for boulders is what we do and we hope our commitment to design and quality reflects that. We also publish guidebooks from the British bouldering scene.

Summer 2022 will see the launch of our bouldering chalk bucket - made entirely from recycled materials and with a bio polymer waterproof coating. Many prototypes and 2 years field testing the materials and design has gone into this. 

Right now we are building a new page-
British Bouldering Guidebooks.

We are pleased to offer you our first hangboard, the Baseline, developed with a system called Edge Progressions and Max Hangs. The best way to get strong fingers for climbing and bouldering is to train on a wooden hangboard. The Baseline fingerboard from roots-climbing has everything you need to train hard and get strong.

Our tee shirt art is inspired by the Fontainebleau experience, we use quality 3rd party suppliers who have the best print and organic products.
All new 2021 designs available now.
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Bouldering guidebooks are also a big part of our own bouldering experience, we love to find blocks and develop areas. Take a look at our phone sized PDF guides: Forest of Dean Bouldering and check back to see other titles we are working on.

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Apps not your thing? Like to read?
Get a copy of our Baseline training manual. Packed full of useful info about strength training, Edge Progressions and Core Training at home.
All you need is a fingerboard to get started.

We also have interval timers for finger strength training that are free to use.
See the Training pages.

Use the menu to see our Baseline Fingerboard / Hangboard and a growing set of board specific strength training protocols.

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