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Bouldering guidebooks for North Devon and Exmoor. Bouldering guides for the Forest of Dean. Baseline hangboard for finger strength training. Interval timers, organic climbing tee shirts, foam masters and general psych!

Bouldering, searching for boulders, creating guidebooks and training for climbing is what we do. We hope our commitment to design and quality reflects that passion for the outside.

Right now we are building a new page- British Bouldering Guidebooks. 
This page is dedicated to Exmoor and the Culm Coast of North Devon. Also the Forest of Dean bouldering areas. These guides are aimed at the travelling boulderer and include the best areas and problems.

Baseline Hangboard - Special Offer!
Develop your finger strength using our wooden hangboard. Strength training on our Baseline fingerboard is fun and practical. Start training with our fee to use interval timers. Get strong for the 2022/2023 season. The best way to get strong fingers for climbing and bouldering is to train on a wooden hangboard. The Baseline fingerboard from roots-climbing has everything you need to train hard and get strong.

Bouldering Culm Coast, North Devon and Exmoor Bouldering,

North Devon and Exmoor Bouldering Guidebook, 2022.
The long awaited bouldering guide dedicated to the Culm and Exmoor Coasts will very soon be ready. From Porlock and Glenthorne in the North to Bude in the South, this stretch of coastline has so much quality it's difficult to know where to begin. Our book will set you in the right direction, from V0 to V12(+).
All the deepest secrets of the last 30+ years will be spilled - get training!

Our tee shirt art is inspired by the bouldering experience.
We use quality 3rd party suppliers who have the best print and organic products.
All new 2022 designs available now.
Click on the image.

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Bouldering guidebooks are a big part of our own bouldering experience.
We love to find blocks and develop areas. Take a look at our phone sized PDF guides: Forest of Dean Bouldering and Quarry Life. Do check in to see other titles we are working on.

Get a copy of our Baseline training manual.
Packed full of useful info about strength training, Edge Progressions and Core Training at home. This simple process is easy to follow and the results are deep and long lasting. Develop explosive strength and power endurance using the Baseline fingerboard and the simple steps described in the book.
All you need is a fingerboard to get started and flat piece of ground.

Fresh new climbing hold designs from Roots Climbing.
If you like your beach bouldering in the form of hard blocks in North Devon, then the new Zawn Patrol range will be perfect for your bouldering gym. Tell the route setters to take a look or head to HRT Holds to get some for yourself. 

Use the menu to see our Baseline Fingerboard / Hangboard and a growing set of board specific strength training protocols.

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Bouldering is to me, a way of life, a way through the world.

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