Fingerboards & Hangboards.

Wood fingerboards & hangboards for climbing & bouldering finger strength training. 
Designed in Fontainebleau.
Made in the UK.
Baseline Fingerboard.

Roots-Climbing brings you its first bouldering training tool and
sets a new standard in fingerboard design. Our wood hangboard has been developed over many years and the design was finally locked down in conjunction with an equally well developed training protocol that we call Roots Edge Progressions.

Made from dense grained European beech wood for higher contact strength, longer lifespan and featuring fully curved slopers for maximum strength training. Baseline has perfect edge sizes for benchmark strength tests, Back 3, 2 & 1 training, Deep Slots for warm ups and high weight loading, crucial training holds missed on other boards and unique mini slopers. 
Created on a 5 Axis CNC router for extreme accuracy and repeatability.

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Only curved slopers can push the training load to the correct muscle groups SEPARATELY, allowing a full and deeper strength to be trained.  

Two different curves ensure a full spectrum of sloper muscle activation for real life transference. An industry first.

The perfect mix of essential edge sizes and angles to help you produce noticeable gains that transfer to real life climbing and bouldering, indoors and outside.

With a wider size overall, we designed edges that are wide enough for you to move around, so you are no longer fixed in a static narrow chested training position.
No matter how tall or short you are, there are good training positions for you.

Our slots and edges are wider than most of the fingerboards on the market, this means there is reduced option for support for the fingers when training, much like a simple edge design.
This means that "nestling" is a choice and isn’t forced upon you. The simple edge design helps you to develop stronger fingers leading to reduced injury when bouldering.

From 6a to 7c+, and maybe beyond, the BASELINE fingerboard has every essential edge size you need.
All features are perfectly positioned and proportioned.
All you have to do is hang on and try hard.

The results might startle you!
Please see our ever growing finger strength training videos.

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