Baseline Hangboard.

Wood fingerboards & hangboards for climbing & bouldering finger strength training. 
Designed in Fontainebleau.
Made in the UK.

Roots-Climbing BASELINE, the hangboard for all of your finger strength training requirements. 
 Our fingerboard was the first wooden hangboard to have curved slopers and was designed to work with all finger strength protocols from classic 7/5 to the new micro interval system known as Roots Edge Progressions developed primarily for bouldering.
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Recently we were joined on our venture to higher performance and the creation of quality bouldering equipment by Cornish bouldering athlete, Dan Barrios O'Neill. We will have links to Dan's numerous First Ascents on the Cornish Coast soon. 

Made from dense grained European beech wood for higher contact strength, longer lifespan and featuring fully curved slopers for maximum strength training. The Baseline hangboard has perfect edge sizes for benchmark strength tests; Back 3, 2 & 1. Deep Slots for warm ups and high weight loading and other crucial training holds missed on other boards such as our unique mini slopers, these are perfect for Half Crimp loading as well as Fully Open Handed training. 
The Baseline hangboard is crafted on a 5 Axis CNC router for extreme accuracy and repeatability.

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The Baseline Hangboard explained...
The Baseline hangboard for serious bouldering finger strength is a truly advanced tool, it recognises that only curved slopers can push the training load to the correct muscle groups independently, allowing a better focus and deeper specific strength to be trained.  There is also a book available and this covers Edge Progressions and explains how to train holistically rather than robotically as we are all humans and not identical machines.

Two different curves ensure a full spectrum of sloper muscle activation for real life transference. An industry first. The extreme curve at the front of the hold stops you from sliding down the sloper and changing the grip angle, if you have trained on standard sloper designs, you will realise that most of the hang is taking place with the wrong grip.
Baseline forces you to stay on the full sloper and train properly. 

You can also use "blanking pieces" on the Slopers, 6mm and 10mm work best, this increases the difficulty without changing the critical training angle

The perfect mix of essential edge sizes and angles help you to produce noticeable gains that transfer to real life climbing and bouldering, indoors and outside, especially when using Edge Progression training methods.

Our slots and edges are wider than most of the fingerboards on the market, this means there is reduced option for support for the fingers when training, much like a simple edge design.

This means that "nestling" is a choice and isn’t forced upon you. The simple edge design helps you to develop stronger fingers leading to reduced injury when bouldering.
Also, we opted for 12mm/R4 and 22mm/R8 for our benchmark edges. These sizes were developed with a Hand Surgeon and Osteopath, along with experienced climbers and ensures that the board is suitable for a wider range of athletes and that the little finger is engaged when training 4 Finger Half Crimps - reducing injury and allowing higher loading and better results when bouldering and a longer career.

From 6a to 7c+, and maybe beyond, the BASELINE fingerboard has every essential edge size you need.
All features are perfectly positioned and proportioned.
All you have to do is hang on and try hard.
Used with Edge Progressions, Medium Edge Tests and Max Hangs the Baseline Hangboard is one of the best finger strength training tools on the market.

The results might startle you!
Please see our ever growing finger strength training videos and Interval Timers on the Training Pages.

We are really pleased to be on the Hangbird App, one of the best and fastest growing digital training tools.
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Baseline wood hangboard for serious finger strength training for climbing and bouldering,

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