Finger Strength Training.

Fingerboard and hangboard training plans specific to the Baseline hangboard but usable on any fingerboard. Use our Baseline strength training system with Edge Progressions, Max Hangs, Dead Hangs & GAET for bouldering and climbing strength and performance gains.

Using tested and timed interval training plans with your Baseline fingerboard is undoubtedly the best way to get strong for bouldering and climbing.

Train like a Pro, it's simple, by using a straight forward protocol called Edge Progressions, developed by Roots-Climbing for bouldering specific finger strength training and incorporate time tested 7/3 and 10/5 Maximal Hangs.

You can now train and record your Metrics on your Baseline Hangboard with the brilliant and easy to use Hangbird App

Fingerboard interval training plans for finger strength training, compatible with most hangboards are all found on our YOUTUBE.
From simple timers to full workouts, including GAET, everything is free to view and share with your friends.

Improve your finger strength and your bouldering with our simple interval timers, including Edge Progressions by Roots Climbing.

Go further and buy a copy of our Baseline Fingerboard and Bouldering finger strength training book.
This explains the Roots Edge Progressions and has proven plans for those who want to mix hangboarding with bouldering for their training.

Take a look at the sub menu for some easy to use interval timers.

Find your training plan and current Baseline finger strength by using the
“Roots Training Plan Finder”.

Use the ROOTS MAX tool to calculate the % in Kg’s of your Max Hang Weight. This is important to ensure you are training at the correct loads.

See our unique “Roots-Factor” calculator for accurate Kg’s to add to your current weighted fingerboard training sessions.

The Roots-Factor training tool was created for specific use with the Baseline fingerboard and finger strength plans but will work well with all other brands of hangboard.
It assures a smooth transfer through the Baseline training plans.

See also the Roots PULL UP TOOL, this works alongside our hangboard training plans and is used to increase the added kg's for your pull up training.

And now for the first time we have an ABSOLUTE BASELINE tool which takes into account your heart rate - this is the only way to measure gains in real terms.
The system is valid up to about V13 and suggests a V grade to train at as a minimum. 

Doing 5x5 repeaters on boulders is the best training for sessions off the hangboard, but these should be written into quality plans - our book explains this.
Use 9 to 12 move problems for Power Endurance and 2 to 5 moves for Strength. Train Strength sessions first. Rest fully. Then train Power Endurance sessions. 

Our video training plans are split into colours. These are based around the Fontainebleau coloured circuit grades and help you to train at the required intensity.
These plans are 12+ sessions long and you should include plenty of GAET - running on the spot, burpees, press ups, planks etc. All done in 30 second bursts and performed in an explosive style. You train these aspects at home.
Add low to medium intensity bouldering sessions when doing dedicated hangboard sessions..
Note that our YouTube plans are dedicated hangboard sessions, hard climbing takes a back seat for a while.
Always end your plans with several sessions of Tapering. This can involve hangs from larger holds at body weight - no or very little added weight depending on your level - this an adaptation phase, so go steady. 



The Warehouse - Gloucester
3 years ago

“It’s great – the shape is different from anything else out there – you can train in a way that’s impossible otherwise”

“Best board I’ve used”

“It rocks! – deceptively it has loads of features packed into a smaller space that some of the bigger boards”

Tom Ski
4 years ago

I've had this board for a while and its knocked the stuffing out of me lol. Compared to what I was using before,the Roots Climbing Baseline Hangboard is a different ball game,I have found my finger strength has massively improved,so has my core and my nemesis the slopers, I'm now sticking them lol. I like that there are finger slopers and the edges in the holes are supportive of the hands and designed ergonomically. I've only been climbing just over 2 years and the training on the Roots board is a game changer. There are Roots training programs on utube which will up your game. A worthy long term investment,for sure.

Chris Adams
4 years ago

I pre-ordered my Roots Climbing Baseline Hangboard and have been so psyched to be training on it.
In a 'humbling' re-adjustment to training on my old resin board, in only 3 weeks of training I had strength & power gains equating to a solid grade jump into the Font 7s. (It's been 8/9yrs since I was climbing in the Font 7s pre-family, work etc.).
If you want a finger/hangboard and training protocols to match, get a Baseline as it's easily the best fingerboard I've used in 15yrs of climbing.

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