Baseline Fingerboard (includes UK shipping - contact us for overseas sales)


Probably the most advanced fingerboard on the market and certainly the most tactile. The Baseline hangboard from roots-climbing has been very carefully considered and prototyped many times to ensure all hold sizes and shapes are perfectly suited to deep strength training. Only the Baseline fingerboard has curved slopers designed to separate and focus load into the specific muscle groups used in sloper pulling, this allows you to train at a much deeper level than ever before. Our fingerboard has a full range of edge sizes and being CNC machined from European Beech, is a lot smoother than other boards, this creates a much higher level of contact strength.
The strength gains are realistic and easily achievable with the Baseline fingerboard and the free to use training plans. We recently published a strength and conditioning manual, this book works alongside the Baseline hangboard (as well as other brands) and offers straight forward advice and training plans. It also includes the Roots Edge Progression training protocol.

" 12 years of bouldering, and many fingerboards, I have finally found the best board for my needs and without doubt, I'm the most stoked for climbing and training".

"..quite staggered at the improvement in my finger strength having followed a simple plan with a few kilos added, and it only took a month".

"..I worked online during Covid Lockdown with my coach using the Baseline board, and my finger strength is the highest it's ever been"

"..those slopers!!"