Interval Timers for
Hangboard Training.

Digital timers for finger strength training for hangboarding / fingerboarding, specific to climbing and bouldering.

You can train on any edge size using added weight, body weight or assisted.
For Roots Edge Progressions, use any hold size but ensure to use them in this order :
(i.e  30mm/22mm/12mm/22mm/12mm)
Roots-Climbing has developed digital training aids, use these for your Edge Progression training for maximal results.

GAET and Covid Work Out have been developed for explosive power and fitness. The changes are very fast for GAET, so watch the timer first to see what's coming next.
You will need a simple easy pull up bar for Covid Work Out. 

All Interval Timers have 10 second lead in.

10 ON 5 OFF  X 5

7 ON 3 OFF  X 5

35 ON 25 OFF  X 3

7 ON 53 OFF  X 3




(Top Press Pos' = Hold the Top Position of a Press Up)

Want to train and record your Data using custom protocols specific to your needs?
Of course you do. Click on the Hangbird image.

Looking for a new way to train finger strength?

Edge Progressions are a great method and are less boring than standard 7/3's for example. Take a look at our website and follow the links on the Training Pages. Soon our Edge Progressions will be available on the Hangbird App.

The method is remarkably simple, use 3 edges, sizes: Large, Medium and Small. You will need a dedicated Interval timer - free to use on our site - to proceed.

The hangs are done like this... L/M/S/M/S, to make one Set.

The timer is dedicated to the Protocol, as the time under load is reduced then slightly increased and reduced again. As are the Rests. This is important to trigger the correct firing of the fibres to ensure High Recruitment and Power Endurance.

You can train with or without weight added, depending on your level and of course, the target holds. With added Kg's you are looking at 5% to 20% Body Weight as a rough guide. i.e., I trained at 9% added for a 7b boulder using Sloper B, 22mm Edge and the 15mm edge.
The guide is to add a weight that you can hang from your Medium hold for around 15 to 20 seconds with effort. At the end of the training, I was able to hold the 9% added kg's on the 22mm edge for 27 seconds, that was a whopping increase of 20% for me!

6 to 8 sessions of Edge Progressions are followed by the Medium Edge Test - hang your size Medium hold for as long as possible.

The information from the Medium Edge Test is used with our calculators to find a new Training Weight to use while you continue with 2 to 4 more sessions of Edge Progressions.

This is followed up with 4 to 6 sessions of Max Hangs on your chosen Medium size holds.... these hangs are done with the max Kg's to can carry and last for 3 to 5 seconds max, 5 seconds might be too long.

4 to 6 sessions of Pull Ups - using the Progressive Method along with 1 or 2 sessions of Max Pull Ups completes the hard training.
Progressive Pull Ups use the same 3 edges and employ for example : 3 on L. 2 on M. 1 on S. 2 on M. 3 on L.
Max Pull Ups employ the Max Kg's you can carry while doing 1 Pull Up on the Medium Edge.

The protocol ends as it began, with a phase of Long Duration hangs on big holds and easy pull ups. Usually, 4 to 6 sessions. The volume is high, but the loading is much reduced, often at Body Weight only.

In most subjects, the strength and power gains come around 10 to 14+ days later, but it depends on the subject. Do not force the issue and be sure to make use of the gains when they arrive.

From this point, following your first Edge Progression Training Plan you can work out training and performance schedules that suit you and your physiology.

REST. It's as important as the time under load.

Good luck.

Thanks for reading.

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