Roots - Climbing was born in Fontainebleau following a magical week in the forest bouldering on the amazing sandstone blocks. The talk came around to the environment and climbers attitudes to it, the product we all buy and training on fingerboards.

It seemed pretty obvious that another way forward should be made to take us all into the future. The design emphasis had of course to be based on quality and functionality - as well as sustainability.

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Back in the UK, on the Culm Coast of North Devon we started to develop a fingerboard / hangboard that helps to develop a deeper strength across all RELEVANT muscle groups, 
using tested training systems specific to the fingerboard to create strength that transfers to rock. after many prototypes and consultations - the Baseline was born.

Training hard is standard for bouldering, so with the hangboard we developed a set of training plans (and unique calculators) to help create and track maximum gains throughout the seasons.

Whatever your current level, you can train, without fuss and in a systematic way, allowing you to continue making strength gains.
Currently we are working with specialist manufacturers to produce recycled materials for chalk bags/buckets and clothes.

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We have over 30 years bouldering and design experience, and we believe it shows in everything we make.
Over the years our designers have been at the forefront of crash pads, climbing holds, guidebooks and training tools.

All of our bouldering equipment is tested in the field and only released when we are 100% happy - so that you will be too.

Roots - Climbing is a Planet Friendly brand and aims to lower at all times its carbon footprint, you should do the same.