Roots - Climbing.

Roots Climbing was created around its revolutionary wooden hangboard - the Baseline - and was conceived as a wilderness brand aimed at grassroots bouldering.
We use sustainable materials and recycled fabrics to make our bouldering chalk buckets, stretch trousers, shorts and bouldering guide books.
Everything is made in the homeland of British bouldering, Sheffield, and also on the Culm Coast of Devon and in the Forest of Dean.

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All of the Roots bouldering product is inspired by our time in Fontainebleau, the epicentre of bouldering and where the brand was born in 2020 and on the Culm Coast of Devon, where some of our product is made. Our designer has been involved with climbing holds, training tools, crash pads and bouldering guidebooks for over 30 years. Currently we make everything by hand to assure quality, good ethics and originality.
Everything is tested by our team of athletes and friends around the world.

It's pretty obvious that very few brands are really concerned about the environment so we decided to start things off.
A new way forward is required to take us all bouldering into the future.
Our design emphasis is based on quality and functionality - as well as sustainability and originality. Make it once and make it properly is our working motto.
Join us on our journey.

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Training hard is standard for bouldering, so with the hangboard we developed a set of training plans (and unique calculators) to help create and track maximum gains throughout the seasons.
Whatever your current level, you can train, without fuss and in a systematic way, allowing you to continue making strength gains.

Currently we are working with specialist manufacturers to produce recycled materials for chalk buckets and clothes.
We hope to have our recycled nylon chalk buckets online for summer 2021.

British bouldering guidebooks are also part of our product line, please take a look at the Shop to see our current titles.

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All of our bouldering equipment is tested in the field and only released when we are 100% happy - so that you will be too.
We make things up to the desired quality, not down to the nearest competitors target price point
Also, we make everything we design either at our own workshops in the UK or in the EU. Quality and transparency is vital to our brand while cheap and cheerful far eastern sweatshop junk has nothing to do with us. 

Roots - Climbing is a Planet Friendly brand and aims to lower at all times its carbon footprint, you should do the same.
Recently we planted 4 trees, not many but they are real and growing good and strong, one day they might make a batch of fingerboards.